Universal Shielding Corp. was established in 1972 and during this time span we have provided in excess of 14,000 pre-fabricated shielded enclosures to military, commercial and medical facilities. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception.

Our enclosures meet tempest and hemp specifications such as NSA65-6, NSA65-5, and MIL-STD-285 and have also been approved by all MRI manufacturers. USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its enclosures nationally and internationally.

Our Featured Services:

  • MRI Enclosures
  • Shielded Enclosures for test laboratories and tempest applications
  • Screen enclosures & cabinets for wireless communications industry
  • Large shielded enclosures for the high voltage industry

Feel free to browse our latest RFI/EMI Brochure which contains information about our wide range of products and services. USC designs and manufactures the enclosures in a modern 21,000 sq. ft. facility in Deer Park, NY. Thus, all shielded enclosure components can be custom-made to meet customer specifications and expedited to meet schedules.

Our reliability and the extraordinary scope and quality of our services have earned us a well- deserved reputation. For additional information, please vist our contact page or by phone at (631) 667-7900.

Latest News

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