Shielded Doors

A shielded enclosure is only as effective as its access portals. USC research and engineering has developed doors that provide attenuation characteristics equal to that of the enclosure, and are mechanically and aesthetically pleasing.

Type RCM-154

The Type RCM-154 shielded door utilizes a brass extrusion mounted on the periphery of the door frame. This extrusion houses two rows of “fingers” which are concealed from accidental damage. The door leaf has a brass “knife-edge” extrusion at the perimeter which mates with the fingers within the frame when the door is closed. This design results in a damage-free closure seal, with highly efficient prevention of RFI/EMI leakage.

Type RCM-254

The Type RCM-254, or the double knife design, utilizes four rows of fingers to improve the magnetic and plane wave shielding attenuation. USC enclosure doors are equipped with a minimum of a 3-point latching mechanism for tight RFI/EMI secure closing. Bearing surfaces, rollers and door cams are of case-hardened tool steel designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with no loss of attenuation capability as a result of friction and wear.

Our door incorporates a minimum of three door hinges. Each hinge has both radial and thrust bearings to minimize friction and wear on the hinge pins resulting from the weight of the door. There is an adjustment in the hinge both in the horizontal and vertical direction. Our standard single-personnel-door provides a 3 ft. x 7 ft. clear opening and our double door provides a 6 ft. x 7 ft. clear opening. However, all doors can be custom fabricated to the sizes requested.