Additional Doors and Accessories

Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Door

For high traffic situations and to ensure the proper sealing of the RF Door, USC offers an automatic door closing mechanism.  These doors operate at the touch of a button, and seal tight each time a person enters or leaves the enclosure.  The door closing mechanism is self-contained, self-limiting, and self-closing to ensure repeated positive sealing properties.  It is also equipped with a manual override for use in the event of a power failure.

If a vestibule is required, an electromechanical interlock feature is available enabling two doors to operate in tandem.

Acoustic Doors

USC offers Acoustic Doors that utilize the RCM-154 or RCM-254 door assembly.  The door leaf and door frame have acoustical treatments and acoustic membranes.  The door assembly has been tested to provide an STC-43 rating, and an RF Attenuation of 100 dB to 20 GHz.

Low Threshold Door

USC offers the Model RCM-154FS low threshold door to facilitate the transport of equipment into the enclosure.

Double Doors

The standard double door provides a clear opening of 6 ft. x 7 ft.  However, similar to the enclosure and single doors, the double doors can be fabricated in both swing and opening size.

The door construction lends itself to various sizes, as large as 18 ft. x 18 ft.  The unique latching system allows either the active or inactive leaf to be easily operated.

RF Hatches and RF Access Doors

USC offers RF Hatches and RF Access Doors that employ the RCM-154 and RCM-254 door assembly.  The RF hatches and RF access doors can be furnished in our standard, acoustic, or weather resistant configurations.

RF Door Accessories

Doors can include the following accessories:

  • Security combination locks, electrical or mechanical cypher locks and key cylinder locks, including the GSA approved Kaba Mas CDX09 combination lock
  • RF honeycomb air vents and RF windows
  • Ferrite tile and anechoic material
  • Vestibules - multiple doors in tandem with electrical interlocks, and visual indicators
  • Ramps - wooden ramps with aluminum non-skid surface, aligned to the clear opening of the door
  • Rails - easily installed lightweight portable rails for transporting equipment into enclosure
  • Door Finishes - Available upon request