Our Services

RF Testing & Enclosure Certification
USC has the expertise to test and certify RF Shielded Enclosures for a wide range of applications.  Our test engineers are available to visit any site throughout the country and perform RF Attenuation Tests in accordance with your specification.  Testing can be conducted using a variety of standards including MIL-STD-285, and NSA-65-6.  Upon conclusion of the test, a test report is issued detailing our findings and recommendations.

Enclosure Relocation & Upgrades
USC supervisors and crew members have a wide array of experience modifying and relocating RF Shielded Enclosures. Whether there is an MRI being exchanged or a room being relocated our sales and engineering staff will guide you step by step thru the process to ensure that your relocation or upgrade proceeds according to plan.  For MRI upgrades, our engineering and sales staff will work with the General Contractors, owners, and MRI manufacturers to devise a plan to modify the RF Enclosure with limited disruption.  Our proposals will detail all of the steps necessary to upgrade the room so that all trades understand and concur with the scope of work. The room will be tested both before and after the upgrade to ensure that the room is performing in accordance with the specification.

For rooms that need to be relocated, our sales and engineering staff will visit the site to survey both locations and determine the best mobilization plan for relocating the enclosure.  USC offers a full turn key project to relocate enclosures which also includes packing of the room and arranging for transportation to move the room to the new location.

Maintenance of RF Doors & Accessories
All USC supervisors and crew members are trained in the proper maintenance procedures to repair any RF Doors or accessories to ensure that your enclosure is performing correctly.  Our crews are located throughout the United States, so we have the ability to service our customers quickly. 

Engineering & Consulting Services
Our engineering staff has over 40 years of experience in the RF Shielding Industry and can offer its expertise to address a wide range of issues which can include advise on modifying an existing enclosure, adding accessories to an existing enclosure, and producing drawings and associated documentation for a new project.

Site Surveys
Our engineering staff and field supervisors are available to visit your site and offer site specific recommendations and requirements to maximize the effectiveness of your shielded enclosure and expedite the installation.  Our staff can make recommendations on where an enclosure should be placed and address any concerns of the customer during the visit.

Magnetic Shielding Design
Our engineering staff is equipped with a highly sophisticated software tool that calculates the amount of magnetic shielding that is necessary to contain the MRI Gauss fields.  This is the same software that magnet manufacturers use to design and develop their magnets.

Gauss Field Testing
All of our supervisors are trained in testing the effectiveness of magnetic shielding to ensure that the Gauss fields are properly maintained.