RF Accessories

The basic purpose of a shielded enclosure - to attenuate radio frequency and electromagnetic interference - is defeated if the doors, air vents, waveguide penetrations, and other RF accessories do not provide attenuation comparable to that of the enclosure.  The following accessories are utilized in USC enclosures and can be also be provided as stand alone units:

RF Waveguide Air Vents

USC enclosures are equipped with RF waveguide-type filters.  These are RFI/EMI-attenuation air ducts designed to permit maximum airflow for cooling, heating, and ventilation without degrading the shielded efficiency of the enclosure.  RFI/EMI attenuation characteristics of these ventilating ducts equals that of the enclosure.  Additionally, they can be fabricated in various sizes and configurations to be adapted to the existing shield structure, meeting customer requirements.

Both the 1400 and 1300 series is available.  The 1400 series is utilized in prefabricated enclosures and the 1300 series is utilized in single skin enclosures for bolted or welded applications.

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans

These units can be furnished of various sizes and capacity depending upon the enclosure configuration.

RF Removable Connector Panels

USC can furnish removable penetration panels of various sizes containing penetrations or connectors such as fiber-optic, BNC, N, and SMA.

RF Hi-Hats

RF hi-hats are used in RF anechoic enclosures.  They are equipped with RF waveguides and can be manufactured to meet customer requirements.

RF Waveguide Feedthrus

USC offers a series of waveguide feedthrus to preserve the enclosure shielding integrity to enable sprinkler, sinks and medical gas lines to penetrate the enclosure.  These penetrations are available in copper, brass, and steel.

RF Telescoping Sprinkler Heads

USC offers a line of RF shielded telescoping sprinkler heads for applications in anechoic chambers.


USC can furnish incandescent light fixtures.  Each fixture contains 2-75 watt lamps encased in a globe. USC also offers

a series of RFI/EMI suppressed fluorescent light fixtures.

Work Benches

USC can provide copper top work benches designed to be bonded (grounded) to the shielded enclosure.

They can be fabricated of various sizes to meet customer requirements.

RF Power Filters

All electrical service conductors passing into a shielded enclosure require filters to block interfering signals.

Our model USC-50 series are single wire and dual line units providing 100 dB of attenuation from 14 KHz to 10 GHz  measured in accordance with MIL-STD-220A.  All filter are rated at 277 volts L/N maximum, 0-60 Hz.  They are also manufactured in a 400 Hz version.

These filters are available as stand alone units or mounted in RF electrical cabinets.  Custom filters are available with higher insertion loss upon request.

Model Amperage
USC-50-2x5 2x5 ampere
USC-50-2x30 2x30 ampere
USC-50-2x60 2x60 ampere
USC-50-1x100 1x100 ampere
USC-50-1x150 1x150 ampere
USC-50-1x225 1x225 ampere

RF Signal, Telephone, and Data Filters

Signal line filters are available as stand alone dual (2-wire) units or are inserted in shielded cabinets containing multiple filters.  These filters are used in telephone, data, fire alarm, ethernet, and security circuitry.