USC Construction

Our shielded construction is a six sided pre- fabricated modular system which consists of panels joined together with a unique electro-zinc steel framing system. Our panels consist of a wood core material with 26 gauge galvanized steel laminated to both sides. Our enclosures are designed to be free standing or supported from the parent room ceiling. This system offers the following advantages.

  • Parent room wall and ceiling preparation are not required to install our shield. The contractor does not need to provide a superstructure for the attachment of our shielding.
  • The enclosure is modular allowing it to be modified in the future to accommodate different MRI magnets.
  • The enclosures can readily support interior finishes and systems
  • The enclosures provide both radio frequency (RF) attenuation as well as magnetic field attenuation
  • The enclosures are completely prefabricated and easy to assemble on site resulting in rapid installation, resulting in a complete ‘TURN-KEY’ installation

Installation and On-Site Testing

Our services include both installation and testing by our experienced field crews. The sequence
of our installation and testing will be as follows:
1. USC installs the entire MRI room and performs an RF Qualification Test.
2. USC opens the magnet entry wall to allow for the Magnet to be delivered.
3. The General Contractor completes all interior finishes in the MRI room except at the magnet entry.
4. The MRI is delivered.
5. USC closes the magnet entry wall and performs an RF Acceptance Test which is witnessed by the General Contractor and MRI personnel.

In addition, USC can perform magnetic field intensity gauss measurements after the installation of the magnet to ensure that the appropriate Gauss fields are contained.