Universal Shielding Corp. has been in business for the past 48 years constructing shielding enclosures and specialized shielded doors incorporating acoustical and weather resistant features.

The door assemblies have met specification MIL-STD-810F, including drop test, environmental tests, and provide RF attenuation of 100 dB to 18 GHz and meeting the HEMP shielding requirements.



The shielded door manufactured is our Type RCM-154 utilizing a brass extrusion mounted on the periphery of the door frame.  The extrusion houses two (2) rows of “fingers” which are concealed from accidental damage. The door leaf has a brass “knife-edge” extrusion at the perimeter which mates with the fingers within the frame when the door is closed.  This design results in a damage-free closure seal with highly efficient prevention of RFI/EMI leakage. To meet environmental conditions all brass extrusions are nickel plated.

The door assemblies provide attenuation meeting all requirements of NSA-94-106, NSA-65-6 and HEMP specification.

Door Leaf:

The door leaf (1-1/8” thick) is of laminated construction with steel laminated to each surface.

Structural members are installed within the door leaf to support the hinges and latches. Hardware supporting the latches and hinges does not penetrate both side of the door leaf eliminating the possibility of RF leakage.

A heavy duty environmental gasket is installed at the periphery of the door leaf.

Door Frame:

The door frame is a nominal ¾” thick and is of hollow metal reinforced steel design. It is designed so that the hinge and keeper hardware do not penetrate through the frame eliminating the possibility of RF leakage. The frame is designed to adapt to a container or shelter structure. Frames can also be designed so that they can be recessed in the vehicle container.



USC enclosure doors are equipped with a minimum of a 3-point latching mechanism for tight RFI/EMI-secure closing. Bearing surfaces, rollers and door cams are of case-hardened tool steel designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with no loss of attenuation capability due to friction and wear. Our doors are extremely easy to operate, requiring less than 20 pounds of force on the handle.


Our door incorporates a minimum of three hinges. They have both radial and thrust bearings to minimize friction and wear on the hinge pins resulting from the weight of the door. There is an adjustment in the hinge both in the horizontal and vertical direction.



Our standard single-personnel-door provides a 3’-0” x 7’-0” clear opening. The access doors can be custom fabricated in both swing and opening size.



  • Hold Open Device
  • Padlock with Internal Release Mechanism
  • Mechanical & Electrical Cipher Lock
  • Tamperproof Hinges
  • Peep Hole
  • Key Cylinder
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Combination Lock (CDX-10)

All items are designed so that the RF integrity of the vehicle is maintained. Locks have shielded cover to preserve shielding integrity.


Upon completion of manufacturing each door is mechanically tested and adjusted prior to shipment.


Our door assemblies are shipped as a complete assembly.  The assembly is usually welded or bolted to the container or shelter.