Shielded Chambers


The USC-26 shielding system is designed to meet or exceed the vast majority of shielding requirements. This system is available in both standard modular enclosures and custom designed modular enclosures to meet exact specifications in government, industry, research and development, university, medical or hospital use.

The basic design incorporates production techniques which require no gasketing materials of any kind. Weld nuts on the corner and intermediate framing members eliminate screws that penetrate the outer framing members; thus there can be no RF leakage as a result of a loose screw. In addition, this exclusive weld-nut feature provides a structure that is tamper-proof from the important security consideration. USC enclosures can be designed to accommodate raised floors for computer installations, suspended ceilings with recessed lighting, anechoic absorbers or ferrite tile.


The USC-44 shielding system employs the same framing structure as the USC-26. However, the
upper portion of the enclosure consists of a double layer of copper screen panels instead of solid
panels. This construction has the following advantages:

  • Facilitates communication between the interior and exterior of the enclosure
  • Dedicated ventilation is not required
  • Visual observation of testing is possible from the exterior of the enclosure
  • Eliminates sense of confinement for the engineer